Medical Marijuana Butter Recipe

Now that you are a medical patient, it is important to find what consumption method works best for you. Many patients prefer edibles or oral consumption rather than the potentially harsh smoke created by heating medical marijuana material. Listed below is a very clean, efficient and effective butter recipe.

Please be aware cooking with medical cannabis requires a little higher amount of material per dose:

One gram of cannabis per tablespoon (Tbsp) is an average dose.
– If new to cannabis, use 8 Tbsp per 7 grams of cannabis instead of 1:1 Tbsp per gram ratio.

Above: Ground material – 21 grams

Cannabis Butter


– 8 Tbsp butter
– 8 Grams of ground or powdered medical grade marijuana
– Cheese cloth or strainer
– Narrow container large enough to hold at least 1/3 of    the volume of water used

Authors note: I like to use 7 or 8 cups + of water:  “Better to use too much rather than not enough”, as my grandma always told us.  The water plays two roles in this recipe; acting as a buffer to prevent any lose of medicine due to high heat and helping the butter to separate while absorbing all the impurities. If done right, the finished product will be of the highest quality.

-step one-

Prepare your cannabis using a grinder or breaking into small pieces by hand, and place in a large cooking bowl

-step two-
Fill your cooking pot with 8 cups of water and place on the stove over a medium heat setting

Add your choice of butter along with medical cannabis/strain and simmer for 30 minutes to several hours.

30 minutes is the minimum time for simmering but better results are achieved with patience and hours of simmering to reduce the liquid and extract more of the plant’s medicinal properties.

Do not let the water boil out, keeping the water level to at least one third of its original amount. Add more water if needed, it will not have a negative effect. The water acts to keep the cannabinoids from evaporating when the butter touches the pot.

As the water boils down you’ll start to see the butter is taking on a greenish hue. Have patience. Let the liquid boil down, add some more if you need to, as long as water remains between the canna-butter and pot you are doing fine. When the mixture is sure to fit in the narrow container you have chosen, let the water cool for about 30 minutes or to a temperature that won’t burn you. Strain into your narrow container.

Note: The boiling water keeps everything moving & allows the THC and other cannabinoids be to absorbed into the butter fat without jeopardizing losing any to excess heat of the surrounding metal pot. The water acts as a buffer zone keeping the temperature below the vapor point of cannabinoids but high enough to activate them. You lose medical properties when you cook over 330 degrees Fahrenheit.