Medical Marijuana and Lyme Disease

Medical Marijuana can be very helpful in relieving many of the symptoms of Post Lyme Disease Syndrome.

Cannabis has been shown to be effective for treating inflammation, chronic pain, joint pain and for relaxing muscles.

This following is an excerpt from the link below:

Best Strains:  for chronic pain: Great White Shark and Sensi-Star;

For other symptoms: Lavender, Pineapple, Apollo 11, Belladonna, Jack’s Haze, Pineapple Kush, Platinum OG, Sage and Sour, Cheese, Choc. Banana and Grapefruit.

Video Testimonies:

Hemp Oil and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease – Cannabis Treatment

Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease spread through a tick bite.

“This is a serious matter, resulting in so much pain that you may end up in a wheel chair or even bed stricken for days at a time. I t takes away the enjoyable aspects of life and can make you’re everyday routine miserable.  We all know suffering from intense pain is no laughing matter, and being nauseous constantly is a burden within it’s self.  This is what this disease places in you’re body, sucking precious time from your life, you’re mind as well.”

“Chronic Lyme Disease with people suffering constantly, not in spurts. Many people with Lyme disease may not think cannabis could be one of the more affective long-term medicines to help alleviate symptoms. Cannabis is a safer, more soothing medication that can eliminate pain in all forms.  Medically, cannabis can be used for many reasons.  It fights the aches in your joints and pain throughout your whole body.  The more potent the strain brings on the more potent medication.  This could be the answer to questions about cannabis being an alternative medicine with the people suffering from “Lyme Disease” who are looking for other, more natural methods of healing.  Cannabis can provide the energy needed to make it through the rough days when your symptoms are high.  During the evening it can make lying down and falling asleep a delightful occasion, instead of a frustrating restless one.  After a great night sleep, you could wake up feeling refreshed instead of sore and tired.  In the morning cannabis is an incredible way to help loosen your joints and stiffness from previous nights tossing and turning.  The unfortunate early sunrises when you woke up sick and tired could truly be a thing of the past.  Ingesting cannabis will make your appetite stronger, bringing some much needed nutrition.  Walking instead of limping, around the house brings back pleasant mornings.  Also for the non-smokers you could have a tasty, potent and original edible medication of your choice.”