Is Hemp Oil the Cure for Cancer?

Rick Simpson Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, a concentrated extract of the cannabis plant, is the cure for cancer and the majority of serious human diseases.

Phoenix Tears is a hemp oil product made by Rick Simpson.


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Hemp oil, a concentrated extract of the cannabis plant, is the cure for cancer and the majority of serious human disease. Sounds crazy, right? I guarantee if you read through this lens, you will believe in this medicine as much as I do!

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a cannabis extract developed by a man named Rick Simpson, although technically cannabis extracts have been around for thousands of years. However, it was Simpson who discovered just how much medicinal potential hemp oil has, making it the premier type of hemp medicine.

In 2002, Rick Simpson put hemp oil he had made, which he originally concocted for treating himself with post-concussion syndrome, on two patches of skin cancer on his face and chest. He tried this because he had heard reports of THC, the main ingredient of cannabis, killing cancer cells. In four days, the skin cancer was gone. Rick went on to try hemp oil on internal cancers, and found hemp oil to be effective in curing those as well.

It didn’t stop at cancer. People started coming to Rick for all kinds of problems, from diabetes to MS. Rick has found that hemp oil can cure or control practically any disease, with no side effects. Even if you are not sick, hemp oil can revitalize the body and prevent disease.

Who is Rick Simpson?

In short, Rick Simpson is a hero. He has stood up for this medicine, the cure for cancer, in the face of strong adversity and personal liability. For about three years, Rick gave away hemp oil FOR FREE to anybody who needed it. He was arrested twice for doing this, under the charge of “trafficking THC”, which is what the Canadian government calls freely giving away hemp oil. After his first arrest, Rick continued his activities, flat out telling the judge he would not stop. What kind of man would do this if he was not fighting for justice?

Rick has had stories written about him in magazines such as High Times and Weed World, as well as a number of other publications. He has been featured on several radio programs and has supporters ranging from Jack Herer to Dr. Robert Melamede. His care is for the people of this world, and he will stop at nothing to succeed!